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CST named 2023 Business of the Year

On Thursday, November 30, Cascade Systems Technology was delighted and deeply honored to be named a Washington County Chamber of Commerce (WCCC) Business of the Year (small business category) at its prestigious 2023 Awards Gala, presented by Intel. This year’s Gala, held at NW Events and Environments in Hillsboro, OR continues the tradition established in 1988 of celebrating community excellence.

“It’s a privilege to celebrate the 2023 Awards Gala with such distinguished honorees,” said Deanna Palm, President and CEO of the WCCC, in the organization’s press release announcing the event. She added “This year’s recipients have truly set the bar for excellence. Their outstanding achievements and dedication are not just exemplary; they inspire and elevate the standards of success in our community.”

On behalf of my exceptional, hard-working, talented, and innovative teammates here at CST, I was proud to be to accept this honor on Thursday evening. Even better, I was moved to read these kind words in the event program, used to describe CST when bestowing the award upon us — shared here, so all of my colleagues at CST, our customers, our partners, and our friends and family members can read them too!

WCCC 2023 Business of the Year program book write-up on CST“At the heart of Cascade Systems Technology (CST) lies a strong and vibrant company culture that is integral to its success. This culture is characterized by a close-knit team, many of whom have been with the company for 20 to 25 years or more. This longevity within the team speaks volumes about CST’s work environment, emphasizing not just hard work but also enjoyment and a strong sense of camaraderie. It’s a culture where teamwork is paramount and helping each other succeed is a shared goal.

Beyond its internal environment, CST’s commitment to community involvement and workforce development is notable. The company has taken proactive steps to engage with the younger generation and spark interest in technology and manufacturing. CST has hosted several tours for high school students and tech classes from Portland Community College (PCC), providing them with a critical glimpse into a real technology manufacturing factory. These initiatives are not just about showcasing the company’s operations but are aimed at inspiring students and igniting a passion for the field of microelectronics. The impact of these efforts is evident in the feedback received, such as the thank you email from the organizers of the PCC class tour, which highlighted that two students were motivated to pursue careers in microelectronics after their visit.

CST’s involvement extends to significant contributions towards workforce development in Oregon, particularly in relation to the Chips Act. The company has been actively involved in discussions with Oregon legislators, with CST’s President & CEO, Shantanu Gupta testifying about silicon-based manufacturing and its implications for the state’s economy and technological advancement. This involvement has led to a prominent position in the industry, as evidenced by the selection of Shantanu Gupta to be one of the 12 members of Oregon’s Chips Act Task Force. The work of this Task Force resulted in the successful roll out of the Chips Act related funding for 14 semiconductor companies and
R&D tax credit process for Semiconductor Related companies.

These actions demonstrate CST’s dedication not only to its immediate business goals but also to fostering a skilled workforce and supporting the broader technological and manufacturing community in Oregon. Through its strong company culture, community involvement, and active participation in shaping industry policies, CST sets itself apart as a leader committed to the growth and development of both its team and the wider industry.”

It takes an extraordinary team to warrant such praise and achieve such honors — and I feel myself truly blessed and privileged to count myself as a member of one such team. On behalf of everyone at CST, I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the folks at Washington County Chamber of Commerce for this recognition: It genuinely means a lot to us!

–  Shantanu R. Gupta,
President & CEO, Cascade Systems Technology

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