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Micro Electronics

Micro electronic manufacturing servicesOur experience at manufacturing microelectronics is vast. We have manufactured microelectronic solutions for industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, lighting, energy, industrial manufacturing, power supplies and many more.

Why Choose CST for Microelectronics Manufacturing Services?

  • Die placement accuracy of +10 microns.
  • Die prototype placement, epoxy dispense, and epoxy cure.
  • Wire bonding with either ball bond or wedge bond.

Wire Bonding

CST provides both manual and automated gold ball bonding and manual aluminum wedge bonding on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Printed Circuit Flex (PCF) and other unique packages. We provide you with two wire bonding processes to choose from:

Gold Ball Wire Bonding–Uses a Thermosonic process. Historically, 90% of all IC Assembly in Semiconductor Packages is manufactured using Gold Ball Bonding processes.

Aluminum Wedge Wire Bonding–Uses an Ultrasonic process which relies on ultrasonic friction generated by a transducer for bonding. It is an affordable, but slower, process that is not commonly used because it is application specific.

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