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Onshoring electronic contract manufacturing

5 Benefits of Onshoring Your Electronic Contract Manufacturing in 2020

Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. has been a goal of political and business leaders for several decades now, but the recent advancements in electronic contract manufacturing technology, along with the steadily increasing costs of overseas shipping, production and labor has made domestic electronic contract manufacturing

Onshoring electronic contract manufacturing

1  Reduces Time from Concept to Finished Product

Manufacturing halfway across the world has always resulted in longer lead times, simply because of the sheer number of miles between where the products are designed and sold, to where they are manufactured. Being closer to the electronic contract manufacturing facilities allows you to have more control over the manufacturing process which helps identify problems within the process much faster, resulting in tremendous savings of time and money overall.

2  Protects Your Intellectual Property

Theft of intellectual property has been a major concern for technology companies for a long time now. Whether the issue is with different laws in different countries that determine the amount of IP protection and enforcement of IP laws on the books, the social norms of that country, or even the political relationship between the two countries, protecting your IP can be an issue that is out of your control once it leaves the shores of the U.S. This is one of the major disputes between China and the United States during President Trump’s trade war.

3  Higher Quality Products

By onshoring your electronic component manufacturing, you eliminate the communication problems that inevitably occur as a result of language barriers and cultural differences. By manufacturing domestically, you get a direct connection with the engineers who are helping you design and manufacture your product. By working local side by side with these engineers, you ensure the highest quality outcomes for your products.

In addition, by selecting a company that specializes in design for manufacturing you have an even better chance of identifying possible production problems quicker and address them on the fly, creating considerable savings in re-engineering or rework of an existing design. how local engineers can work side by side with our engineers to ensure highest quality outcomes.

4  Creates Jobs and Opportunities for American Businesses

The cost of doing business overseas has been rising steadily over the last decade or so. Problems such as trade war tariffs, rising fuel and shipping costs, poor working conditions in overseas factories, unpredictable electronic component shortages, and many more issues have made overseas manufacturing less appealing to U.S. companies.

Bringing your contract electronic manufacturing back to the U.S. supports your local and national economy by not only creating new manufacturing and hi-tech jobs, but other ancillary jobs for companies that sell, distribute and support these products and company employees.

5  Generates Public Relations and Marketing Benefits

Citizens in the U.S. like buying goods that are made in America. And this can be a tremendous feature to include in any marketing or PR campaign. As stated above, not only are you bringing business and jobs back the United States, but you are also improving the quality and time of delivery of those products.

Another benefit of manufacturing domestically is that it is more eco-friendly. Shipping products across the ocean burns a tremendous amount of fuel which is a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases. U.S. businesses also follow stricter environmental regulations than those of their overseas competitors, making manufacturing domestically much better for the environment overall.

These are all benefits that can be prominently featured in any of your marketing collateral, packaging or business profiles from your company.

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